What's Web 2.0

"Web 2.0" underlines the evolution that the Internet is experiencing,  from an uni-directional instrument to a co-operative global platform.

Web 2.0 applications and compatible web sites provide their users with functionalities to create new services and products.

Some of the WEB 2.0 services

Google Maps
Google Video

Opinion Surveys

Youkuki is a service that makes it easy to create and publish opinion surveys on the web. 
By signing up (for free) on Youkuki you will be able to create your own surveys, by choosing the contents for both questions and possible answers. 

A survey may contain up to three questions and you can choose among three types of questions: exclusive answers (radio buttons), multiple answers (check boxes) and open answers (text areas).

When you've created and published a survey, you can monitor its flow from your control panel inside Youkuki's restricted area for registered users.



You may insert your own survey on your EditArea site, as in the above example.

Instructions on how to put a Youkuki survey on your EditArea site